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Repair FAQs
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1: How much does cell repair
cost? Is it contingent on success?

If you have an older cell phone like an iphone 5 or 6 you may be able to get away with $50 to replace a broken screen. However, for a new iPhone X it may cost $200 or more. There are too many different kinds of repairs to list: so ASK EACH SHOP DIRECTLY, there are tons of smartphone repair shops in north Texas listed here on this site.

Most shops do in fact make payment contingent upon success. The owner of this site does cell repair off and on himself, but can NOT guarantee what any one particular shop on this site will charge.

2: Should I try to fix it myself?

For most people: no, even though you COULD probably accomplish a simple screen replacement yourself. Here's the reasons why it would only make sense in a few isolated number of cases (which I'll discuss after I list the reasons you should NOT attempt repairs yourself):

1. There are very sensitive sockets/connectors where the screen hooks up to the logic board (motherboard), and it is not uncommon for a person who is new to screen or phone repair to make a slight mistake when plugging the new screen back in. This results in a fuzzy blurred screen, and most people think they just purchased a defective replacement screen.
2. You may damage the cable connections or other components (resistors, capacitors etc.) that are on the logic board of your smartphone. The components on an iphone or android smartphone are super tiny! And they are extremely fragile. Most repair shops have specialized microscopes and tools to hold the phone in place while they perform even the simplest of repairs.
3. Don't waste your time. Screen repairs are not that expensive. The first time you do it you inevitably will require more time than someone who has done it, literally, hundreds of times.
Now that we've discussed some reasons NOT to try to fix your own phone, let's look at some reasons why you might want to give it a try. First, you can save $50-150 by doing it yourself. And secondly, it may be something you would get a kick out of. So, if you're a real do-it-yourselfer, go ahead and give it a shot. I think this is especially the case for older model, or near throw away phones. With newer models, or when you absolutely want to get all your data and programs back, then you need a professional. Also, if you want to fix something besides a broken/cracked screen or battery/charging problems, you really probably should go to a shop. Anything that requires component replacement or micro soldering should be handled by someone who regularly fixes and repairs smartphones.

3: Can I recover my data and
programs from a cell phone?

Yes, you usually can, even if you have done serious damage to your phone. Your data and and programs are on the flash storage which is often NOT damaged despite that some other component has been toasted. There is even a procedure to "transplant" your phone's long term storage with all of your data and programs onto a different motherboard. This you could never ever do yourself however. Perhaps only 25% of repair shops in north Texas are equipped and skilled enough to do it. However, there are many situations where most any repair shop can save your data and programs, but it does not require this sort of "transplant" heart surgery sort of phone repair.

4: I dropped my phone in water. Can
liquid damaged phones be saved?

Often times yes. Don't continue to use your phone or power it up. Leave it off and take it straight away into a repair shop. Most shops will make their fee contingent on success of the repair.
Please bear in mind: sometimes liquid damaged phones can be saved, and sometimes they can NOT be saved.

4: Do you guarantee the quality
of the shops on this site?

No, I don't. I myself like to do hardware repairs and am a web and software developer as well. I made this site because I wanted to, and may use it in my own future business plans. However, I did not test or verify the workmanship of the shops on this site. I get no percentage or commission whatsoever from any of the shops on this site. I did, however, view information about these repair shops online and tried to judge whether or not they are real and reliable. That much I can vouch for.

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